Hot Boy Toys

hot boy toys

    boy toys
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  • (Boy Toy (novel)) Barry Lyga (born September 11, 1971), nicknamed Barry "Radical" Lyga, is an American young adult novelist and short story writer. He lives in the desert southwest. Lyga majored in English at Yale receiving his BA in 1993.

  • (The Boy Toy) Michael Shawn Hickenbottom (born July 22, 1965), better known by his ring name Shawn Michaels, is a former American professional wrestler. He performed for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), formerly the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), from 1988 until his retirement in 2010.

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Me at 3

Me at 3

See that little blue toy? I still have that too. It's sitting on my book shelf at this moment just to my right as I type these words. I figure I'm 3 here since there is a 1971 almanac just behind the couch arm.

Hot Toys Boys

Hot Toys Boys

The Hot Toys team sets up the Luke Skywalker 12" figure, the company's first offering in the 1/6 scale Star Wars line with Sideshow.

hot boy toys

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Hot Toys Big Chap

hot toys big chap

    hot toys
  • Hot Toys is a Hong Kong based production house for designing, developing, and manufacturing highly detailed collectible merchandise to worldwide markets.

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Chaps traditionally were worn by cow hearding cowboys to avoid rope burns or damage to their clothing while working on horseback, and are today mostly worn at the rodeo as protection from the trampling of a bull and to add design or flair to the sport. Davie Rodeo, Davie, Fl., USA



Western style chaps.

hot toys big chap

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Hot Toys Joker Dx 01

hot toys joker dx 01

    hot toys
  • Hot Toys is a Hong Kong based production house for designing, developing, and manufacturing highly detailed collectible merchandise to worldwide markets.

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  • (DXES) Bombo Radyo Gen San is an AM commercial radio station owned and managed by Consolidated Broadcasting System, Inc., under Bombo Radyo Philippines . The station's studio and transmitter are located at Bombo Radyo Broadcast Center, Amao Road Bula, General Santos City , Philippines.

  • (DXS) KDE Software Compilation 4 (KDE SC 4) is the current series of releases of KDE's desktop environment and an associated range of KDE Applications. The first major version (4.0) of this series was released on 11 January 2008, and the latest major version (4.5) was released on 10 August 2010.

  • Crossbreed is a six member industrial metal band from Clearwater, Florida, formed in 1996. They were signed with Artemis Records before being dropped from the label in 2003.

  • 01 is the second album by Son of Dave.

Dark Knight - Light rig - Gotham Police dept truck - Joker produce truck

Dark Knight - Light rig - Gotham Police dept truck - Joker produce truck

To the right, GPD + produce truck. Heath (joker) was in the produce truck. Possibly bank (robbery) scene. Light rig lighting up LaSalle St.

Hot Toys – MMS DX 01 – The Dark Knight – 1/6th scale The Joker collectible figure

Hot Toys – MMS DX 01 – The Dark Knight – 1/6th scale The Joker collectible figure

Hot Toys – MMS DX 01 – The Dark Knight – 1/6th scale The Joker collectible figure

hot toys joker dx 01

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Inflatable Toys For Swimming Pools

inflatable toys for swimming pools

    swimming pools
  • (Swimming Pool (album)) Swimming Pool is the last album by the noted British folk/blues/rock songwriter, guitarist and singer Al Jones. It marked his return to writing and recording after many years of relative obscurity. All the tracks are written by Jones himself and published by Rogue Music.

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Death Is A Bitch Named Chlorine

Death Is A Bitch Named Chlorine

Jesus! I don’t think he’s goofing around, I thought to myself, watching my grandson’s arm frantically waving (good-by?) above the waterline of the swimming pool in the yard of a very nice house in Woodland Hills while the rest of him struggled for purchase beneath its surface.
It took only a second after that thought for me to act, splashing into the water being careful to avoid knocking the other children that sat on the steps into the pool and reaching out to grab his arm and yank him up onto the concrete edge.
“Baby, are you okay?” I asked him quietly, kneeing before him as he coughed and gasped for breath.

We were in Woodland Hills to have my grandson Timmy’s photo taken playing with a variety of pool toys, which would eventually find their way onto their packages where they would be placed on shelves in department stores all over the country.
Everything was going great. Timmy was having a good time and then in a flash-I almost lost my only client! I had only walked away for moment thinking, wrongly as it turns out, that with such a crowd of parents, children and film crew within inches of my boy, he would be safe.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
I was almost out of this business before I even got in! I had only become Timmy’s manager the previous week and this was our second gig together. He hadn’t even had a chance to become hooked on drugs or caught in a compromising situation with a Hollywood hooker or to father an illegitimate child with a British pop tart! For that matter, he hadn’t yet paid me my 10% commission from the pool toys he was to earn for taking on this job.
Managing a 4 year-old boy’s career apparently included the (in hindsight) obvious task of keeping the little breadwinner alive. I had a lot to learn. It’s not like this job comes with a manual that anyone handed to me and told me to read.
(I would also need to hire an agent as soon as possible before I was left to negotiate the next job in payment of gold, foil-wrapped chocolate coins while smoking a bubble gum cigar to close the deal.)

“What happened to me?”
Timmy choked his words out against my neck between sobs as he hugged me and tried to make sense of this new world. His first near death experience.
We were standing in the front yard of the house having been asked to move away because, “…he’s scaring the other children.”
Damn that’s cold.
While the company we were working for wasn’t technically a part of the Hollywood community they nonetheless exhibited a similar arctic chill to succeed.
“You just went in too deep, Honey,” I spoke softly into Timmy’s ear. “But you’re okay now.”
“I want to go home,” he said. “I want my mommy.”
“I know, baby. We’ll go home soon.”
But first, I needed to get him back into the water.

Timmy had stopped crying and I took him back over by the pool.
“Just sit on the edge and put your feet in the water,” I told him.
He did. And then he immediately went in up to his neck.
“Timmy!” I yelled before forcing myself to speak in a calmer voice. “Please…be careful, will you?”
The next half hour was a proud time in my life watching Timmy splashing around in the pool regaling his fellow actors with the tale of how he faced down death and laughed in its hideous face.
“I dipped into the pool!” he told whoever would listen, sparing none of the gory details in the dramatic telling.
Timmy even went back before the camera and finished up his days work smiling his big smile when asked to and trusting that the inflatable shark pool toy he posed with would keep him afloat.
The kid was a true professional. In the old days they would have said he had moxie.

After the shoot I’m standing next to Timmy waiting for him to finish telling his story to a lady who asked how he was feeling when he abruptly stopped and turned to me.
“Thanks for helping me out in the pool, grandpa.”
I pulled him against me and wrapped my arms tight around him basking in our true life Jerry Mcguire moment.
“Anytime, honey,” I said to him. “Anytime at all.”

Postscript: After this incident swim lessons were arranged for Timmy.

7/365. Blue. (Explored)

7/365. Blue. (Explored)

I could say a lot, but nothing happened today.
Nothiiiiiing. ):

So tomorrow, I'll be seeing my cousins. I'm gonna stay over their house, probably.
So I'm not sure if I could upload for about 3 days. Which is bad since I have this 365 thing going on. But I'll try to get my hands on their computer, if they let me! :)

Have a great Saturday or Friday or anyday.
It depends on where you are in this universe, really. x)

I'm from pluto.
yeah, we have pools. :)

Oh, and btw, I'm listening to
Crooked Teeth by Death Cab For Cutie.
I think you should check that out.

inflatable toys for swimming pools

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Mcfarlane Toys Dragons. Toys For Girls Age 12.

Mcfarlane Toys Dragons

mcfarlane toys dragons

    mcfarlane toys
  • McFarlane Toys, a subsidiary of Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc., is a company started by Todd McFarlane that makes highly detailed models of characters from movies, comics, musicians, video games, and sport figures.

  • A mythical monster like a giant reptile. In European tradition the dragon is typically fire-breathing and tends to symbolize chaos or evil, whereas in the Far East it is usually a beneficent symbol of fertility, associated with water and the heavens

  • (in the 16th and 17th centuries) A short musket carried on the belt of a soldier, esp. a mounted infantryman

  • (dragon) Draco: a faint constellation twisting around the north celestial pole and lying between Ursa Major and Cepheus

  • A fierce and intimidating person, esp. a woman

  • (dragon) a fiercely vigilant and unpleasant woman

  • (dragon) a creature of Teutonic mythology; usually represented as breathing fire and having a reptilian body and sometimes wings

Savage Dragons

Savage Dragons

Savage Dragon: Image 10th Anniversary ( McFarlane Toys ), Cop Savage Dragon ( Playmates - 1995 ), Legendary Super Heroes - Series 1 ( Marvel Toys ).

Scavenger Dragon Clan 6

Scavenger Dragon Clan 6

Fabricante: McFarlane Toys
Escala: Figuras de Acao 7"
Especificacao: Aproximadamente 20cm
Material: PVC de alta qualidade

mcfarlane toys dragons

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