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The Movie Cars Toys

the movie cars toys

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"Cars" Birthday Cake

"Cars" Birthday Cake

The initial planning of this cake was a huge problem for me as I have never seen the movie. This is for 3 year old Colt- his name is suppose to look like it had been "sky written", not sure I achieved the look...anyway, the clouds were textured with buttercream to make them appear "fluffy". As you can see, the "cars" are toys, everything else is fondant/gumpaste...

16 inch oval base, white cake with almond buttercream. Sky tier is a 7 inch round chocolate cake with buttercream frost and fill.

Blue Blade Runner Spinner Cop Patrol Car racing Orange and Black Tron Light Cycle 5477

Blue Blade Runner Spinner Cop Patrol Car racing Orange and Black Tron Light Cycle 5477

Blue Blade Runner Spinner Cop Patrol Car racing Orange and Black Tron Light Cycle from the Tron Legacy film movie - future spaceship with Science Fiction Sci-Fi comic strip hero action figure spaceman motorcycle toy toys car chopper

the movie cars toys

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