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buy classic toys

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Fonzie, Scooby, Garfield and ET!

Fonzie, Scooby, Garfield and ET!

My classic toys! I've had Fonzie since I was about 10 years old so he has a date stamp saying he was made in 1976. I guess I am showing my age. I also had ET since the first showing of the movie in 1981. Garfield I've had as long as the other dolls and the Scooby, I bought at a thrift shop for around 3 bucks...I think. He's a little worn but still cute. ET is in great shape and so is Garfield. Fonzie needs a knee repalcement. LOL, Poor guy! I don't know what happend to the screw that holds his knee on. But good news is that his thumbs work great! He has a lever in his back that you push down with your thumb and his thumbs go up and down. You can adjust his thumbs because they are jointed!



He said these were used.
He said these were Slightly Damaged
He said they'd take 2 weeks to arrive.

I say, they are BRAND NEW
I Say they have NO damage
I say they took 6 days to arrive.

Talk about over estimation.
I bought these from a dutch Bricklink seller for $15 US. Definately worth the money.
2 classic red, 2 classic yellow, 2 blue futuron, 4 yellow futuron.

Now we shall rule the galaxy!, First i have to make a Vignette for them.
Star Wars shall PERISH by the hand of OLD stuff!

buy classic toys

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