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Girls Toys Age 4 5

girls toys age 4 5

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    4 5
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0471 - Princess now Halle - November 2009 (1 - BEFORE)

0471 - Princess now Halle - November 2009 (1 - BEFORE)

10/12/09: Princess's foster reports: Princess had a busy day at the dog park yesterday. You can see how tired she was in the last picture. She is really having fun with my dogs and kids. She loves to play fetch with a tennis ball. She is so smart and knows: sit, lay down, stay, leave-it, and we are working on come and heel. Everyone that pets her comments on how soft her fur is. Her ears are just velvety soft!
10-10-09 Princess is a really great girl- she is very pretty and playful and loves her foster brothers, children and feline siblings too. She is happy dog that would love other dogs near by to play with and is doing well with 4-5 hours a day of alone time. She will be a wonderful addition to any family. 9/28/09: Update from Princess' Foster: She is smaller than I thought she would be. I think she may have some Basenji in her. She has a beautiful soft dense coat, with loose skin... maybe she is not done growing? She has intense eyes, like a border collie and has lots of energy. Princess is motivated by food and should be pretty easy to train. She likes to chew, so it will be important that she has lots of toys to chew on. She slept 1/2 the night in her crate, the other half next to me. Not bad for the first night. I think she'll settle in nicely in another day or two.
9-26-09 Princess has made the long journey north and is settling into her foster home easily- she gets long great with her foster brothers and is enjoying home life and playing. She is such a sweet dog who deserves a wonderful home. This beautiful German Shepherd mix is one year old and is such a sweet young dog! Princess is very friendly and is a great cuddle buddy - she loves attention and affection. She is a bright dog who knows how to sit and shake hands. Princess has nice manners, enjoys long walks, and loves to run and play. She does well with people of all ages and is also fine with other dogs.



Small Bunny at an Orphan's Grave in Montana: I found this little bedraggled toy near a grave in the orphanage section of our historic graveyard. It seemed so sad and lonely, but the toy also has a happy side: it means the child who was buried here ... maybe received some love from whomever left the bunny.

Sometimes families come to the cemetary and leave toys and balloons at the graves of nameless orphans. This is a very sad part of the cemetary -- you can read tiny metal signs on hundreds of these graves - all they say is "Baby Boy" or "Baby Girl" and the date they were born and died - no names. Most of the children were under the age of 4 and many were less than 6 months old. Many of these children died during epidemics of flu and other contagious diseases in the late 1800's. You can tell many people in the old days in the "wild west" lost their children at a very young age. And they sometimes lost two or three at once!

girls toys age 4 5

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